Good Seeds

by Anna on May 2, 2010

in Life

No…. I’m Sorry to say this post won’t have any recipe in the end. But I would stick around if I were you, because I’m going to talk about something very important and fantastic. I’m going to talk about planting a little seed and see it grow into a beauty. And for you to have a beautiful garden full of amazing kind of prettiness, you will need good honest seeds. And that’s what I am going to show you here, some amazing seeds I found online.

Jenn from ‘Defunkt Gourmet’ She is a funny seed that “Mad Man” herself and always makes me laugh. I love her sense of humor. Divina from ‘Sense and Serendipity’ her healthy recipes and information are mind blowing. On top of that she is also a darling, very special seed. Denise Fletchers a very talented seed, book author, and all about making some ‘Quickies on the diner table‘. It is sure a seed you should check.  And there is Lori,’Fake Food Free‘ an expatriated seed that knows more about Brazil then me (sometimes). She is always reminding me about my country goods, and now she is planting a garden that I’m very jealous of. (Jealous… in a good way).

Then there is Gwen ‘Bunkycooks‘ a seed that is begging for a Private room in the Camp blogaway. I would be begging too. Camping is not at the top of my list (AT ALL), she is now doing a course on digital photography, and you can tell… her pictures are very eye popping, specially the Nuttela Cake with Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache. Yummmm. Another seed I just can’t leave out is Erica, She is a Colombian seed, ‘ My Colombian Recipes‘ with amazing recipes, and I just wish I were her neighbor, so I could sample all that deliciousness. My list of good seed goes on and on but I’ll leave that to another harvest.