Authentic Italian Pasta Carbonara

by Anna on August 20, 2010

in Pasta,World Food

This week was my hubby’s birthday and we had the brilliant idea to go celebrate it in an amusement park. We decided to go to 6 flags, and this shows how naïve we are. We thought… what’s the big deal? It’s just a couple of roller coasters. Right? We are not scared, we can do that, we are not too old for that.

So let me describe to you our experience there. Let’s start with the weather, we live in Santa Monica, just a few blocks from the beach, and it’s always nice here with a nice breeze. I even took a cardigan in case I felt cold. Hahahahaha! We got there and it was a Sahara desert hot. Then we got this “flash pass” with this virtual ride reservation system that holds your place in line electronically. So without reading anything or give a second thought, we got to this ride called The Viper. OMG! Really O- M- G! It was the most excruciating horrible feeling ever, EVAAAAAAR. I felt so freaking scared you don’t even know… I probably had 50 mini heart attacks from point A to Point B. Here is the description of the Viper: “The world’s tallest vertical loop at 14 stories, and two other loops at 9 stories and 6 stories. Add to that a 4-story corkscrew and a double-barrel boomerang turn”. Okay…If I had read that I would never set foot even close to this Viper. So after my near death experience in that thing, we spent the rest of the day at “Bugs Bunny world” LOL There was no freaking way I would put my behinds on any of those rides again. So lesson learned here: We are only young in our delusional minds. LOL

All right, let’s talk food, Safe, Secure, no Loops food. Did you guys see the No Reservation (Antonio Bourdain) program this Monday? It was Italian heaven; did you spend the whole program drooling? Did you consider going pack your belongings and moving to Italy? Or it was just me?

How beautiful was that? I absolutely love the Italians, man…. they know how to transform something as simple as eggs and cheese into a heavenly tasty dish. I recorded the program and told my hubby if he erases it I will look for a lawyer. LOL

So today I tried the pasta Carbonara …it was so good. I have done Carbonara before but in a completely different way, (wrong way obviously). Their recipe was really simple and amazingly delicious. So… Mangia, mangia che te fa bene.

Authentic Italian Pasta Carbonara


  • 7oz spaghetti
  • 2 thick slice of pancetta
  • ½ cup Parmesan cheese + extra to serve
  • ½ cup pecorino Romano
  • 2 free-range egg yolks and 1 whole egg beaten
  • Hand full of basil to serve


Cook the spaghetti according to the pack instructions. While it’s cooking heat a non-stick frying pan and when very hot add the pancetta. Cook until crispy then remove from the pan and drain on kitchen paper towel. Mix the Parmesan, pecorino into the eggs and season with black pepper. Whisking until you get a paste. When the pasta is cooked scoop the spaghetti and add to the fry pan stir in the eggs/cheese paste. The heat from the pasta should cook the eggs without curdling it. Add 1 small ladle with the pasta water.  Stir through the Pancetta and the basil and serve immediately.